Different coastal land forms

List of landforms

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The Different Types of Landforms

Different Coastal Land Forms One of the following questions in a geographical essay. Use labeled diagrams and/or sketches where appropriate in your responses; diagrams must be hand drawn and discussed in your response.

Earth’s topography is made up of many different types of landforms. While the planet is covered primarily with water, the three major types of landforms are mountains, plains and plateaus. These can be formed by a variety of natural forces, including erosion from water and wind, plate movement, folding and faulting.

Coastal landforms

can create different landforms along the coastline. Headlands and bays. Cliffs along the coastline do not erode at the same pace. When a stretch of coastline is formed from different types of rock.

Coastal plains rise from the seal level up to the point they meet raised landforms such as plateaus or mountains.

The Atlantic Coastal plain is a prime example of a substantially populated and fertile coastal plain. “Different coastal landforms are a result of different factors.” Discuss with reference to different types of coastal landforms and the factors which influence them.

2. “Humans have a significant impact on the coastal environment.” Discuss this statement with references to both positive and negative impacts on the coastal zone. Coastal landforms created by erosion include headlands, bays and cliffs.

Landforms created by deposition include spits, salt marshes and beaches.

Different coastal land forms
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