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Alex Turner

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Alex Turner

Extreme Rules is less than two weeks away on July. Yankees' deal for ace James Paxton makes them even richer — and sends message to Red Sox. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Cole, Patricia Schmid,Yasmin LeBon, Tuuli Shipster & Lianna Fowler.

Continue reading →. Punk poet John Cooper Clarke goes way back with Arctic Monkeys, and their mutual love comes full circle on latest album ‘AM’. On closing track ‘I Wanna Be Yours’, the band put John’s.

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It’s no surprise that Washington produces, attracts, and rewards smart women. What is surprising is the number of new women in power positions since Washingtonian’s last list of most powerful women in This year, we salute the first female four-star admiral, applaud the first woman to head the Kennedy Center, and look for breaking news from a cadre of women in key positions at new.

It’s too early to do a mock draft that would amount to anything much greater than a collection of guesses (here’s the draft order, for reference), but something to monitor is the presence of.

Cole turner blogs
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